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1996 Yamaha {Electric}

Stock# 5902

Features: New US2000 6 volt batteries, New upholstery, Tinted fold down windshield, Street legal, 5 panel mirror, Fuel gauge, Grocery holder

Price: $1900.00

1989 Yamaha {Gas}

Stock# 6063

Features: 5 panel mirror, Head lights, Tail lights, Horn, Cargo box, Wheel covers

​Price: $1500.00

2001 Western {Electric}

Stock # 5970

Features:  Top and charger, (7) New US2000 Batteries (42v system), New paint job, New upholstery, New carpet, Split-tinted fold down windshield, Golf bag holder, New tires and wheels, Wheel covers, 5 panel mirror

Price: $3500.00

1982 Yamaha {Electric}

Stock# 5905

Features: Used Trojan T105 6 volt batteries, Winged tinted windshield, Rear windshield, Rear view mirror, Street legal light package, Grocery holder

Price: $1400.00

1975 Harley Davidson {Electric}

Stock# 6027

Features: Used 6 volt batteries, Head lights, Winged windshield, Cargo  box, Battery fuel gauge, Cloth top, Side view mirror

​Price: $500.00


1990 Yamaha {Gas}

Stock# 6064

Features: Head lights, Tail lights, Horn, 5 panel mirror, Wheel covers

​Price: $1500.00

2003 Melex {Electric}

Stock# 6008

Features: Used US2000 6 volt batteries, Rear combo seat in tan vinyl, Upholstered front seats, Battery fuel gauge, 5 panel mirror, Tinted fold down windshield

Price: $2000.00

*Upgrade to a new set of batteries for an additional $300.00