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Our inventory offers a variety of options to fit your needs and budget.

These environment friendly vehicles are not just for the course anymore! 

Below is a list of just a few optional ways to make use of a Golf car.

* Gas and Electric cars
* For Community driving and errands
* On the Golf Course
* Mobile Home Parks
* Gated Neighborhoods

Already have a golf cart ?  We take trade-ins! Come in and let us give you a quote on the value of your existing car. 

E-Z Go, Par Car, Columbia, Club Car, Harley Davidson, Eagle, Western, Melex, Hyundai, Taylor Dunn and Yamaha (gas or electric)

Pre-Owned   |   Custom & Rebuilt   |  Consignment   |   Rentals

* Maintenance and Groundskeepers
* Security
* Hospitals or Large parking Lots
* Special Occasion Events

Rental & Lease Cars

Want a golf car without all the hassle of ownership? Need to haul around people for a special event?

This gives you a hassle free way of selling your golf car. We charge a set fee of the purchased price for doing so.

A consignment contract is a tool used to engage a seller and an owner of goods in a business deal designed to generate profits for both parties. The owner gives the seller the vehicle to be sold and the signed title as per Arizona law. If the items sell, then both parties share in the profits. The car is not actually purchased by the dealer, just displayed for you. D & T will list your vehicle for sale at an agreed upon price. Once sold, a check will be made for the sale price minus the consignment fee after a 7-10 day grace period. The product will be displayed as is, unless agreed upon by seller of additional repairs.

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This is where we can help! We offer a fair price for your current vehicle and take it off your hands. 

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Looking for a way to get around the neighborhood without paying those high gas prices? 

You've come to the right place! At D & T, you can rent a car for as little as 72 hours or for an indefinite term. Many of our customers are only in town for a few months and don't want to deal with all the hassle of owning their own car. We give them a perfect solution! This helps them get around their private community with very little to worry about. 

Cars are leased for use off road, or on private roads that are not dedicated to the public. Cars are not licensed and are prohibited from use on public roads.

We offer lease cars for personal and business use!

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Consignment Cars

Need to sell your golf car? Let us help !

If your vehicle meets our criteria, we will then be able to display it on our property.

Pre-Owned Golf Cars

Our Used car inventory varies all the time, but you will always have options with us. Many of our customers who purchase one of our New cars already have a pre-owned golf cart at home.

* Apartment Complex
* Retirement Communities
* Storage facilities
* Car Dealerships
* People Haulers

Custom & Rebuilt

Our employees can customize a vehicle to fit your needs, lifestyle, personality and budget!
Start by selecting a year, color and options then add your personality.